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About Me

I have no formal training in drawing, photography or printmaking and cannot claim any fancy letters after my in these, but I have gravitated towards these mediums as a means of expressing myself. 


I live in the Shropshire Hills and the landscape here - hills, steep-sided valleys and woods, as well as its proximity to my home country of Wales - inspires much of my work.

I make traditional pen and ink drawings and create digital collage/paintings, nature/botanical monoprints and photography. My work is very much about the natural world – flowers, trees, animals and birds. In my digital paintings and collage, I try and evoke imaginary times long-past and mysterious, wild, ethereal places. I am very inspired and intrigued by the Picturesque Movement in painting that took place in the late 18th and early 19th centuries and the English School of landscape painting.


The digital paintings are available as beautiful quality giclee prints, signed and mounted ready to frame. I also have square (blank) greetings cards available for a selection of these designs.

I also make unique nature monoprints with wild flowers, leaves and grasses from the meadow we manage for nature.  These are available as mounted originals and also as covers for hand-made books.


Some lovely things people have said about my artwork in the last 12 months:


“You are one of my favourite artists. There's something about your images that resonates
very deeply in me”


“Timeless and so beautiful! You have captured the essence of the ancient landscape”

“Awe-inspiring. One cannot help but be drawn in. What mysteries will I behold. Quite lovely”

“Incredible what beauty people can make!”

“I love your images Sarah, very much, the colours, just beautiful! Why have I not seen all these before.
Sweet dreams are made of these”

“I love the feel of your pictures, otherworldly”

 Much of the work on this site can be purchased, either in the form of giclee prints and sometimes (for monoprints or drawings) as originals.

I've started a Blog to chart the story of the 11.5 acre field we were able to buy in 2018 and our plans to manage it for wildlife and biodiversity. Many of my nature monoprints are done using wild plants picked in this field.

Please see the Purchase page and/or Contact Me for more information.

Millie (c) Sarah Jameson

My Heart Dog, Millie, in the Summer Barley (c) Sarah Jameson

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