Digital Paintings & Collage

I combine photographs and digital painting/drawing and collage to create other worlds. 

I also do more conventional pen and ink drawings.

All paintings/drawings are available as high quality archival inkjet giclee prints. 
Contact me for more information.

The Kingfisher (c) Sarah Jameson
The Old Monks Track (c) Sarah Jameson
The Dream Pool (c) Sarah Jameson
Deerhound with New Moon (c) Sarah Jameson
Star Catcher (c) Sarah Jameson
Midnight in the Wildwood
The Gardeners Cottage (c) Sarah Jameson
A Blue Dawn (c) Sarah Jameson
Walking into Spring
A Brueghel Winter (c) Sarah Jameson
And then the Birds Came
The Woodland Pool
The Nest
The Reckoning
The Old Land
The Sanctuary
After the Flood
Deep in the Forest's Heart
Bringer of Light
Barn Owl
Tree of Light
Old Pollards
A Melancholy Evening
Old Riverbank Willow
In the Grove
Barn Owl over Weir Farm
Herons Flight II
Autumn Leaves
The Dusky Hedgeline
Frosty Night on Caer Caradoc
Moonlit Tree
Dawn at the Woodland Edge
Into the Thicket
The Old Oak
The Visitor
Sabrina at Dusk
The Frosty Wood
Murmuration at Five Turnings