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Field Days - books available

Below are the current Field Days books available for sale.  Each complete cover is shown; these prints will be folded in half to create the covers. Many of them have the embossed imprint of the plants and flowers on the backs. The brown book title slip wrap is removable.

Each book is numbered - just quote the number of the cover you prefer when ordering. 

Gift wrapping is available at an additional cost of £5 per book.


More information about the books can be found here.


All the covers are totally unique and hand printed using flowers, grasses and leaves from our meadow in Shropshire, so cannot be repeated.


The books are £35 each including postage within the UK. Contact me for

carriage outside the UK (I will get a cost quote for you).

Please note that all books have a 'rough' edge (like the whole books photographed below).


See here for blank notebooks currently for sale.

Thanks! Sarah



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