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Field Days

Field Days is a celebration of some of the field and meadow flowers found in Shropshire, along with a glance at their common names, folklore and past use in medicine for both humans and livestock.


It is a hand-made, hand-assembled, hand-printed book. The illustrations inside are reproductions of original monoprints made with plants picked in our field (the plants are first pressed and dried, then inked up and printed using an etching press).

The book covers are original and totally unique hand-made meadow monoprints in their own right made on my etching press - you can see the embossed impression of the plants on the underside of the covers of many of the books.

The text inside is researched, compiled and typeset by me.


More information about the field itself is here, and the books currently available for sale can be found here.

field days strip2.jpg
field days strip.jpg
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