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Photography:  Redlake Valley
I'm lucky to live in the beautiful Redlake Valley, a quiet corner of South West Shropshire, which borders with Wales. A place of rounded hills, green fields, deep-cut lanes and narrow, wooded valleys, the Redlake is lovely in all seasons and weathers and very photogenic.

Sessile Oaks at The Weir
On The Stowe Ridgeway
View to Caer Caradoc
Gentle Mists and Ash Trees
Sorrel Fields above the Redlake
View from the Wells, Summer Solstice
Soft Colours of Spring at Purlogue
The Old Gate
Bryn Eddin in Springtime
The Cottage Gate
Caer Caradoc from Pentre Hodre Hill
Hay Bales above the Redlake
Lower Splashes in Autumn Sunshine
Bryn Eddin in Late Summer
In Treverward, Mid Summer
On the Top Road, Treverward
Horses at The Weir
Autumn comes to Menutton
Pine Trees at Pentre
Little Cottage, Dog and Duck, Pentre
Evening Sunlight, Treverward
Wheelbarrow Bridge
Deep in the Woods, Menutton
Misty Lane at The Weir
Leaf-scattered Brook, Menutton
Spring at The Weir
Old Ash Above The Redlake
At The Weir
The Horses
Deep in the Woods, Menutton
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