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Photography:  Gardens, flowers & plants
Flowering plants, gardens and the natural world have always been a huge source of inspiration for me.


Scabious and White Hawthorn Ring
My Peonies
Dramatic Lupins
Soft Fall of Roses
My Garden
The Grounds of Gwydir Castle
The Grounds of Gwydir Castle
At Bryansground, Herefordshire
Stunning Hardy Geranium
At Bryansground, Herefordshire
My Garden in Evening Sunshine
Exquisite Roses
At Bryansground, Herefordshire
Wintry Rosehips and Willow
Sprig of Blackthorn Blossom
Umbellifer on the Laneside
Ragged Robin at Solva
Japenese Anenome
Hedgerow Bluebell
Echinachea, at Herstmonceux
Exotic fullness of Japanese Anenome
In the Grounds of Angelsey Abbey
Flowering Harebells, Rock Hill
Walled Garden, Penrhyn Castle
Succulent and Pot
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